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Geologist Exam Paper 2014 Solved

RPSC Geologist Exam Paper 2014 Solved: RPSC, Ajmer Geologist Exam Paper 2014 on 22 May 2014. Here is Solved Exam Paper with Answer for upcoming exam paper and similar examination in other states also. 

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RPSC Geologist Exam Paper 2014 Solved:
Which type of clay in used as drilling mud
A. China clay
B. Fuller's Earth
C. Bentonite clay
D. Fire clay
Answer C. Bentonite clay

Which of the following is different from others in composition
A. Mars
B. Mercury
C. Saturn
D. Venus
Answer C. Saturn

The layer just below the lithosphere is known as ------
A. Low velocity zone
B. Gutenberg discontinuity
C. The zone of deep-seated Earthquakes
D. Inversion zone
Answer A. Low velocity zone

Which of the following geological processes has resulted in formation of Precambrian Banded Iron Ore deposits in india
A. Sedimentation
B. Hydrothermal activity
C. Supergene enrichment
D. Magmatic concentration
Answer A. Sedimentation

New ocean floor is created at............
A. Deep Sea Trenches
B. Subduction Zones
C. Mid Oceanic Ridges
D. Island Arcs
Answer C. Mid Oceanic Ridges

Iceland can be eited as an example of
A. Oceanic Trench
B. Subduction Zone
C. Ocean Island
D. Mid Oceanic Ridge
Answer D. Mid Oceanic Ridge

Which of the following represents secondary structures in sedimentary rocks
A. Burrows
B. Cross bedding
C. Concretions
D. Ripple Marks
Answer C. Concretions

Gypsum and anhydrite are formed under which sedimentary environment
A. Euxinic Facies
B. Black shale facies
C. Mollase facies
D. Evaporitic facies
Answer D. Evaporatic facies

If both the limbs of a fold dip in the same direction and the axial plane is inclined the fold can be called as
A. Monoclinal fold
B. Chevron fold
C. Reclined fold}
D. Isoclinals fold
Answer D. Isoclinals fold

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