Friday, April 22, 2016

RPSC AEN Exam Paper 2013 Solved

RPSC A.En Exam Paper 2013 Solved: RPSC, Ajmer AEN EXAM PAPER on 18 December 2013. Here is Solved Exam Paper with Answer for upcoming exam paper and similar examination in other states also. 

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RPSC AEN Exam Paper 2013 Solved:
Q.1 In which district of Rajasthan oil refinery is proposed to be establishe in 2013?
1. Bikane
2. Jaisalmer
3. Barmer
4. Jodhpur
Answer: 3

Q.2 Who was awarded life achievement award in Rajasthani Film Festival held in Jaipur in April 2013?
1. Nitin Joshi
2. Sangeeta Chowdhry
3. Neha Shri
4. Ikram Rajasthani
Answer: 4

Q.3 Who is the authour of 'INDIA GROWS AT NIGHT'?
1. Chetan Bhagai
2. Gurcharan Das
3. Talveen Singh
4. Jaswant Singh
Answer:  2

Q.4 International Lobour Day si celebrated every year on?
1. 1st May
2. 1st July
3. 1st January
4. 1st December
Answer: 1

Q.5 Which one of the following countries won the Euro Football  Toumament 2012 held in Ukraine?
1. Italy
2. Spain
3. Greece
4. Portugal
Answer: 2

Q.6 The Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands have been a source of conflict between which ountries?
1. Morocca and Algeria
2. Ethiopia and Somalia
3. Angola and Zambia
4. Japan and China
Answer: 4

Q.7 'Moyan won the Nobel Prize in Literature 2012 He is from which one of the following countries?
1. Vietnam
2. Cambodia
3. China
4. South Korea
Answer: 3

Q.8 How many are the members of the United Nations at present?
1. 191
2. 192
3. 193
4. 194
Answer: 3

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