Thursday, November 5, 2015

SSC 10+2 Question Paper, Answer Key held on 1st November 2015 - Morning

SSC 10+2 GK Question Paper, Answer Key 1st November (MORNING SESSION): Staff Selection Commission (SSC) successfully conducted Combined Higher Secondary Level (CHSC) 10+2 written examination on 1st November 2015 at various examination centers across India in Morning and Evening Shift with Single Question Paper which contains 4 set of question papers i.e. Set A, Set B, Set C, Set D for Posts such as Sorting Assistant, Postal Assistant, Data Entry Operator (DEO), Lower Division Clerk (LDC) for 6578 post. SSC 10+2 Question Paper, Answer Key with 200 Question for both Papers held on 1st November 2015 is Uploaded with Solution on our FREE Mobile App "INDIA GK" under SSC Exam Papers Section which also covers Previous year Exam Papers for Test Purpose and act as Model Test Papers for upcoming examination with 100% FREE Access to all candidates.  

SSC 10+2 Question Paper, Answer Key held on 1st November 2015 for Combined Higher Secondary Level (CHSC) 10+2 written examination carries negative marking, .25 marks will be deducted from each wrong answer.
Part-I: General Intelligence (50 Questions)
Part-II: English Language (50 Questions)
Part-III: Quantitative Aptitude (50 Questions)
Part-IV: General Awareness (50 Questions)
Here is Questions of both Morning and Evening shift for candidates, For Full Exam Papers Kindly Check it on FREE "INDIA GK" Mobile App.

Who was the first Delhi Sultan to break the power of Turkish Nobles known as the Chahalgani or the Forty ?
A. Qutb-ud-bin-Aibak
B. Balban
C. Iltutmish
D. Raziya
Answer: B

The Resistance of an Ideal Voltmeter is ?
A. Infinite
B. Zero
C. High
D. Low
Answer:  A

The earth is nearest to the Sun on ?
A. 23 September
B. 3 January
C. 4 July
D. 21 March
Answer: B

ICMP is used for ?
A. Forwarding
B. Multitasking
C. Error Reporting
D. Addressing
Answer: C

Vitamins which provides Immunity
A. K
B. A
C. C
D. E
Answer: B

The lowest Temperature is recorded by ?
A. Alcohol Thermometer
B. Mercurial Thermometer
C. Maximum reading thermometer
D. Minimum Reading Thermometer
Answer: A

Television was invented by ?
A. Louis Braille
B. Lawrence
C. RA Millikan
D. JL Baird
Answer: D

Of the following Rapeseed belongs to ?
A. Pepper
B. Linseed
C. Coffee
D. Mustard
Answer: D

Mercury Thermometer was invented by
A. Priestly
B. Fahrenheit
C. Newton
D. Galileo
Answer: B


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