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SBI Associate Bank Clerk Exam Paper 2015

SBI Associate Bank GK Exam Paper 2015 for Assistants in Clerical Cadre Examination held in January - February 2015: State Bank of Indai (SBI) held examination for SBI Clerk Recruitment 2015 in January February 2015 under various session of Morning, Afternoon at various centers of India. The SBI SBI Assistants / Clerk Exam Paper 2015 as per feedback received from various candidates. Here is Questions from General Knowledge (GK), Aptitude, English and Computer asked in various paper for preparation in future examination of SBI.
SBI Associate Bank Assistants / Clerk Exam Question Paper 2015:
Barak Obama wife name - Michelle Obama
CVV FULL FORM - Card Verification Value
BSBDA A/C FULL FORM - Basic Savings Bank Account
Dramatic decade authour? -Pranab Mukherjee
IMF headquaters -Washingaton D.C. 
NITI aayog vice  chairperson - Arvind Panagariya
full form of NDB: National Development Bank.
NABARD stands for: National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development.
IFRS means: International Financial Reporting Standards.
Naira is the currency to which country: Nigeria
Location of WTO & IAEA: Geneva & Vienna.
Arun Jaitley is a rajyasabha member of which state: Gujarat.
Nehru Trophy is related to which game: Boat Race
Largest iron ore mine in the world is at: Carajas, Brasil.
Which is fastest channel for sending money: RTGS
Which is most profit making PSU company in INDIA: ONGC 
Which is the following is the non-institutional credit: Trade Credit
Corporate Social Responsibility committee is headed by: Anil Baijal
Which is used by banks in daily routine working and transactions: Negotiable instruments Act.
Banking Ombudsman scheme launched by which board: RBI
SBI Associate Clerk GK Questions 21.02.2015
Baht is the current of which country - Thailand
Currency of Malaysian - Ringgit

World Social Justice Day is observed on - 20 February
Currency of Japan- Japanese Yen
Tallest plunge waterfalls in India - Nohkalikai Falls, Cherrapunji
Chao lake is in which country – China
Durga Prasad IAS cadre officer is the head of - CRPF
Harsimrat Kaur Badal is the MP of - Bathinda
Zimbabwe President - Robert Mugabe
Whom did Saina Nehwal defated in Syed Modi Grand tournament Caroline Marin
Chillika lake is in which state of India - Orissa
World Food Program is in - Rome
Recently who Received Padma Vibhushan award S. Jaishankar is appointed as - Foreign Secretary
Venue of Cricket World Cup 2019 – England and wales
Ajinkya Rahane and Raidu related to which game - Cricket
Next I20 Matches Will be held on which Country - India
Orapa, largest diamond mine is in which place - Botswana
Savio cup held in which place - Maharashtra
Full form of of EVM - Electronic Voting Machine
Full form of HTTP - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
MICR- Magnetic Ink Character Reader
Capital of Iraq - Baghdad
Renminbi is currency of which country - China
Who won Nobel Prize in economics - Jean Tirole
Who is recently appointed as Nepal's ambassador to India - Deep Kumar Upadhyay
Recently Education Minister Smriti Irani laid foundation stone of IIM at - Visakhapatnam
Sivalik hills range covers which states - Jammu & Kashmir, West Bengal, Arunachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Himachal Pradesh
Lost Beagle 2 Mars lander was found 11 years after its launch. Which agency launched it - European Union
Mohiniyattam is the dance form of - Kerala
Recently Weightlifter Jimjang Deru created a national record by lifting 238 kgs in 56 kg category belongs to - Arunachal Pradesh
For which disease, Vaccine Raksha Blu was recently launched - bluetongue disease
Currency of China - Yuan
Capital of Denmark - Copenhagen
Headquarter of UNICEF are situated at - New York
Army day is observed on - 15 January
Water week started from - 13 January
By how much, RBI reduces the repo rate recently - 25 basis points
Who is the current Defence minister of India - Manohar Parikar
In which state, Jim Corbett national park is situated - Uttarakhand 
Country having maximun gold mines - China
Name of two new earth like planets discovered are - Kepler 442-b & Kepler 438-b
Most warmest year ever - 2014
Capital of Canada -  Ottawa
Currency of Bhutan - Bhutanese ngultrum
World Environment Day is observed on - 05 June
CEO of NITI ayog is - Arvind Subramanium.
Author of "God of small things" - Arundhati Roy
Shinzo Abe is - Prime Minister of Japan
Who is not in the ex officio's list in NITI ayog (choose from given options) -
Director of movie "PK" - Raj Kumar Hirani
WU-14 is launched by- China
Who is Punkaj mishra - Writer
National voters day - 25th January
Argentina capital- Buenos Aires
Greece currency - Euro
BSF Foundation day -1 December
RBI regulate which sector -Banking
Sachin autobiography-Playing It My Way
2011 highest urban population state- Maharastra
1 mb = 1024 kb
Speed of Computer is measured in- Hertz
New chief of RAW - Mr. Rajinder Khanna
Who is the Minister of Road Transport and Highways - Nitin Gadkari
Headquarter of International Maritime Organization (IMO) is situated at - London, UK.
Strait time person of the year - Narender Modi
Headquarters of AMO - London
Who was one of the previous RBI governor (choose from given options) - Y V Reddy
Wular Fresh lake in which state of India-Jammu and Kashmir
Name of boxer recently banned - Sarita Devi
World water day - 22nd March
Bandhavgarh National Park is in which state - Madhya Pradesh
Capital of Brazil - Brasilia
Currency of Philippines - Peso
Chairman of NITI Ayog - Arvind Panagariya.
America resolved 50 years problem with -
Sarita Devi belongs to which sport - Boxing
Name of America Canada line -
Headquarters of Food and Agriculture organization - Rome, Italy.
Fresh water lake in U.S.A. - Lake Superior.
President of Fiji - Epeli nalatikau
Who won Nobel prize in micro economics - Modion patricks
"Wandering in many worlds" is the autobiography of - Krishna iyer.
Union minister of urban and housing development - M. Venkaiya Naidu.
Recently Dandi kutir is established in which place - Gandhi Nagar
Prize related with Amartya sen - Noble prize
Who is regulator of commodity market - FMC
G20 2015 summit will be held at  - Turkey.
Fort Aguada is in which state - Goa.
RBI doesn't control which one among the given options - ICICI Prudential.
CASA is related to - Account
Indian swimmer Bhakti made world record in which sea - Antarctica ocean
Anirudh jaguanath is a Prime Minister of which country - Mauritius
As per 2011 census female rato per 1000 males in Haryana was - 876
Confucious prize was awarded to - Feedle castro.
World cancer day is observed on - February 4.
Chief of Intelligence bureau - Dineshwar Sharma.
IMF provide loan to  - Only member countries.
India's top exporting country - Saudi Arabia
Dong fong missile strike range- Max.550 kms
UNISCO Headquater- Paris
Roger Federer related to which sport- Tennis
Where SAARC summit - Khatmandu,Nepal
Summer Olympics venue - China
Japan give award -  Dr.Manmohan singh
Hudhud affect which coast.Visakhapatnam
Bharatnatyam start from which state - Tamil nadu
Agni4 range - 3,000 – 4,000 km
After 20 years, USA resolved issues with which country -
Line between USA and Canada is known as - 49th parallel
Number of internet users in India in Dec. 2014 - 300 millions.
1 question which is not a financial institution among the given options -
1 question on Non performing asset
1 question anout GSAT 16
1 question on credit rating agency
Purpose of monitory policy - Control money supply.
Founder of Self help groups who won Noble prize - Mohammad Younus.
Which device can be connected to USB Port - Flash drive
Saving a file from internet is known as - Download
Currency of Greece – Euro
Currency of Bangladesh – Bangladeshi Taka
Capital of Argentina is - Buenos Aires
BSF Foundation day is on –  01 December
Name of Barack Obama’s wife’s – Michelle Obama.
Name of Visakhapatnam cyclone – HuDhud
CVV stand for – Card Verification Value.
Headquarter of UNESCO - Peris
Full form of BSBDA account –  Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account
Headquarter of IMF is situated at – Washington, DC.
Water and Resource minister is -
Winner of Best Film Award in FIFA -
2 ques. from recent appointments-
Recently Japan national award is given to – Manmohan Singh
Who is the Vice Chairman of NITI AAYOG – Arvind Panagariya.
Roger Federer is related to - Tennis.
Function of RBI –
Chief Justice of Bangladesh - Md. Muzammel Hossain
1 Ques. on Monetary policy -
Author of “The Dramatic Decade” – Pranab Mukherjee
National Voter's Day is observed on – 25th January
Name of Sachin Tendulkar autobiography – “Playing it My Way”
Range of Agni 4 missile - 3000-4000 km
Highest urban population state as per Census 2011 – Maharashtra.
Line between Pakistan and Afghanistan is known as - Durand line
Summer Olympic will be held at - China
SHARC summit held at - Kathmandu, Nepal
1 Ques. on vitamin
1 question on
1 mb - 1024 kb
RBI regulates - Banking
Last date for Pre 2005 notes  exchange - June 30, 2015
National Youth Day is observed on - 12 January
The name of debit card issued under Jan Dhan Yojna - RuPay Card
Minister of External affairs - Sushma Swaraj.
Magnus carlson related to which sport - Chess Player
Headquarter of International Court of Justice - The Hague, Netherlands
In which state, Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu flags off first CNG based train - Haryana
Chief Economic Adviser - Arvind Subramanian.
Capital of Australia - Canberra
Venue of APEC summit 2014 - Beijing
PMJDY payment card - Rupay
The state having highest mortality rate in infants - Odisha
How much capital, Small and Payment bank need for start up - 100 Crore
Recently in which state, 13 country's done march and pray for world peace - Bihar
New director of CBI - Mr. Anil Kumar Sinha
In india, Bio fuel train started from - Rohtak to Rewari
For what purpose, Gyan Sangam Held in Pune - Banking Reform
Which country Switzerland defeated to win Davis cup - France
Anaemia is caused by deficiency of which vitamin - Vitamin B12
Bihu dance is related to which state - Assam
Name of Prize given to Raghuram Rajan recently - Governer of the Year in Central Banks
Commonwealth Games 2018 will be held at - Gold Coast, Australia
Bihu dance belongs to which state -Assam


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