Friday, February 27, 2015

SBI Associate Bank Clerk Exam Paper 2015

SBI Associate Bank GK Exam Paper 2015 for Assistants in Clerical Cadre Examination held in January - February 2015: State Bank of Indai (SBI) held examination for SBI Clerk Recruitment 2015 in January February 2015 under various session of Morning, Afternoon at various centers of India. The SBI SBI Assistants / Clerk Exam Paper 2015 as per feedback received from various candidates. Here is Questions from General Knowledge (GK), Aptitude, English and Computer asked in various paper for preparation in future examination of SBI.
SBI Associate Bank Assistants / Clerk Exam Question Paper 2015:
Barak Obama wife name - Michelle Obama
CVV FULL FORM - Card Verification Value
BSBDA A/C FULL FORM - Basic Savings Bank Account
Dramatic decade authour? -Pranab Mukherjee
IMF headquaters -Washingaton D.C. 
NITI aayog vice  chairperson - Arvind Panagariya
full form of NDB: National Development Bank.
NABARD stands for: National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development.
IFRS means: International Financial Reporting Standards.
Naira is the currency to which country: Nigeria
Location of WTO & IAEA: Geneva & Vienna.
Arun Jaitley is a rajyasabha member of which state: Gujarat.
Nehru Trophy is related to which game: Boat Race
Largest iron ore mine in the world is at: Carajas, Brasil.
Which is fastest channel for sending money: RTGS
Which is most profit making PSU company in INDIA: ONGC 
Which is the following is the non-institutional credit: Trade Credit
Corporate Social Responsibility committee is headed by: Anil Baijal
Which is used by banks in daily routine working and transactions: Negotiable instruments Act.
Banking Ombudsman scheme launched by which board: RBI
SBI Associate Clerk GK Questions 21.02.2015
Baht is the current of which country - Thailand
Currency of Malaysian - Ringgit

IB ACIO Exam Paper 2015

IB ACIO GK Exam Paper 2015: Intelligence Bureau (IB) Assistant Central Intelligence Officer (ACIO) (Executive) Exam 2015 held on 22nd February 2015 at various centers across india. The IB ACIO Exam Grade-II written examination contains two papers:
1. PAPER-1 (Objective Type)
2. PAPER-2 (Descriptive Type) in English Only
The duration of both paper is 1 hour, 40 Minutes from 11:20 to 13:00 hours. IB ACIO Exam Paper 2015 with Solution, Answer Key and All Question. Here is Full Paper from Internet sources for candidates who is planning for next year examination and willing to discuss the Answer Key, Cut-off marks or Solution can discuss in comment section.
IB ACIO GK Exam Question Paper 2015:
Q. 1. Curcuma Longa is the scientific name of which spice ?
A. Cumin
B. Clove
C. Turmeric
D. Coriander
Answer: C. Turmeric

Q.2 Bones found in the hands and feet as the % of total number of bones in the body of an adult human being is nearly equal to ?
A. 20%
B. 30%
C. 40%
D. 50%
Answer: D. 50%

Q.3 Europeans are believed to have brought potatoes to the india in the 18th century. which region of the world is believed to be origin of potato cultivation ?
A. Eastern Ghana
B. Southern Peru
C. Portugal
D. West Indies
Answer: B

IB ACIO Exam 2010 Question Paper Solved

IB ACIO Exam 2010 Question Paper: Intelligence Bureau (IB) Assistant Central Intelligence Officer (ACIO) (Executive) Exam 2010 held on 24th January 2010. Here is complete solved Part-II of ACIO Exam which is English Language & Comprehension Directions—(Q. 1–5) Some of the sentences have errors and some have none. Find out which part of a sentence has an error and blacken the rectangle corresponding to the appropriate letter (A, B, C). If there is no error, blacken the rectangle corresponding to (D) in the Answer sheet.
1. Though there is hourly bus service on this route (A) / a number of people are still suffering (B) / as there is no bus
shelter here. (C) No error. (D)
2. The boss took strict measures (A) / with a view to ensuring punctuality (B) / on the part of his subordinates. (C) No
error. (D)
3. People prefer to be identified (A) /by their caste community or religion first (B) / rather to be known as Indians
first. (C) No error. (D)
4. Mrs. Dorai would rather (A) / spend a quiet evening (B) / than attending a party. (C) No error. (D)
5. Being idle sometimes is agreeable (A) / but being idle all the times (B) / might become monotonous. (C) No error.
Directions—(Q. 6–10) Choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word and mark it in the Answer sheet.
(A) Contradictory
(B) Doubtful
(C) Impious
(D) Orthodox