Sunday, April 21, 2013

Burans Flowers in Uttarakhand | Rhododendron

Burans Flowers: Burans Flower or Rhododendron, which is the Burans extracts and is widely appreciated for providing health benefits. Burans Flower extracts find use in producing several medicines. The Burans Flower is a famous flower, which is grown in Uttarakhand.  It has been a long old tradition to greet the guests with DIVINE SIPS of Burans Flower (Rhododendron Arboreum) Drink in the Himalayan Region and its culturally rich adjoining areas of Uttarakhand. Buransh has been considered to be a DIVINE FLOWER gifted by the GOD. It is highly beneficial for heart and liver. Burans Flower is 100% natural and herbal. Burans Flower is useful for treating diseases such as Asthma and High Blood Pressure.
Uses of Burans Flowers:
* Manufacturing Ayurvedic medicines
* Used as an ingredient in Herbal medicines
* Brings glow on the skin
* Helps fighting High Blood Pressure
* Highly beneficial for liver


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