Saturday, December 1, 2012

Who was the 'Political Guru' of Mahatma Gandhi ?

Q. Who among the following was the 'Political Guru' of Mahatma Gandhi ?
A. BG Tilak
B. GK Gokhale
C. Dadabhai Naoroji
D. SN Banerjee
Ans: B ( Gopal Krishna Gokhale(9 May 1866 – 19 February 1915) was one of the founding social and political leaders during the Indian Independence Movement against the British Empire in India. Gokhale was famously a mentor to Mahatma Gandhi in his formative years. In 1912, Gokhale visited South Africa at Gandhi's invitation. As a young barrister, Gandhi returned from his struggles against the Empire in South Africa and received personal guidance from Gokhale, including a knowledge and understanding of India and the issues confronting common Indians. By 1920, Gandhi emerged as the leader of the Indian Independence Movement. In his autobiography, Gandhi calls Gokhale his mentor and guide.


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