Thursday, December 27, 2012

GK Mini Question Paper No 4

GK Mini Question Paper No 4 with Collection of 10-20 Daily Questions asked by on FACEBOOK, GOOGLE+ as part of "GK MINI PAPERS":

1. BC Roy award is given in the field of 
A. Music
B. Journalism
C. Medicine
D. Environment
Ans: C

2. Roman Magsaysay award to Kiran bedi is for ?
A. Literature
B. Community welfare
C. Govt. service
D. Journalism
Ans: C

3. Who among following is not  Roman Magsaysay award winner ?
A. Kiran bedi
B. Aruna roy
C. Arvind Kejriwal
D. Rahul gandhi
Ans: D

4. Brass gets discolored in air because of the presence of which of following gases in air ?
A. Oxygen
B. Hydrogen Sulphate
C. Carbon dioxide
D. Nitrogen
Ans: B

5. Which of the following is a Non-metal that remains liquid at Room-temperature ?
A. Phosphorous
B. Bromine
C. Chlorine
D. Helium
Ans: B

6. Which of the following is used in Pencils ?
A. Graphite
B. Silicon
C. Charcoal
D. Phosphorous
Ans: A

7. Lucknow is a city name in India & which other country ?
A. Pakistan
C. Canada
D. Bangladesh
Ans: C (Lucknow (2001 census population 1,136) is a community located in Bruce County, Ontario, Canada. It is incorporated in the Township of Huron-Kinloss.)

8. No. of centuries scored by Sachin tendulkar in ODIs ?
A. 50
B. 49
C. 51
D. 52
Ans: B

9. The First Primary is US Presidential election process takes place in ?
A. California
B. Florida
D. New Hamisphire
D. Alaska
Ans: C (New Hamisphere)

10. The Headquarter of European Economic community is at ?
A. Brussels
B. Geneva
C. New york
D. London
Ans: A


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