Saturday, December 8, 2012

First Hour of every sitting of Lok Sabha is Called ?

Q. First Hour of every sitting of Lok Sabha is Called ?
A. Public Hour
B. Privilege Hour
C. Zero Hour
D. Question Hour
Ans: D
Generally, the first hour of a sitting of Lok Sabha is devoted to Questions and that hour is called the Question Hour. It has a special significance in the proceedings of Parliament. Asking of questions is an inherent and unfettered parliamentary right of members. It is during the Question Hour that the members can ask questions on every aspect of administration and Governmental activity. 
Types of Question:
1. Starred
2. Non-starred. 
Starred Questions are those for which an oral answer is expected. The member is allowed to ask a supplementary question, with the permission of the Speaker, after the reply is obtained from the Minister concerned. 
Non-starred questions are those for which a written reply is expected. After the reply has been provided, no supplementary question can be asked. A notice period is to be given to the minister to reply to a question


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