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BSNL JTO GK Question PAPER 2007

BSNL JTO GK Question PAPER 2007: State run PSU Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd(BSNL) recruited for the post of 3000+ Jr. Telecom Officers ( JTO) for all india basis for which basic qualification is B.E./B.Tech degree. BSNL JTO Question papers contains two Section:
1. 100 Technical / Engineering questions
2. 20 GK /GS Quesions
Each section has section cut-off marks, candidates have to clear both section individually to clear BSNL JTO Recruitment process. Here is 20 Questions asked in BSNL JTO 2007 Bach for which exam was held in June 2008. 
BSNL JTO 20 GK Question PAPER 2007:
1. Who is author of "my people my country ?
Ans - L.K.AAdwaniji
2. Who is first women grand master in India ?
ns - S. Vijay Laxmi. 
3. Who is iron Man of India ?
Ans - Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.
4.where was First Round Table conference was held ?
Ans - London
5. The branch in which study regarding imunity was done ?
Ans - Immunology.
6. Which is oldest IIT at ?
Ans: IIT Kharagpur.
7. Which Vitamin is found in Oranges and Lemons?
Ans: vitamin C in oranges.
8.Shimla Agreement was done between India and_________
Ans: Pakistan
9. Which state not touch the boundary of "Myanmar (Assam, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Manipur,Mizoram )
Ans: Mizoram.
10. Radio Wave was invested by whome ?
Ans: Markoni
11. When is world telecom day celebrated?
Ans - 17th May.
12. What is HiINIAN ?
Ans:  Its Hinayana Buddhism
13.  There is a Map given shown "KERAL & MEGHALAY in that which crop is more asked ?
 Ans: Tea
14.Four sentences were given and a grammatically correct sentence was to be founded.
Ans: French live in France.
15. A group of Islands is known as ----
Ans: A large group of islands is know as archipelago
16. What is Kalpana-2 Satellite meant for?
Ans: Kalpana is tracking monsoons
17.What is the antonym of Obsolete.
Ans: Current.
18. Fill in the blanks with preposition- I agree ---this proposal.
Ans: I agree with the proposal.
19. Which gas is responcible for "Green housre Effect?
Ans: CO2 ( Carban dia oxide)
20. Who invested TV ?
Ans - Beard.


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